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Family Fun with Forensics

About 24 people attended our family event at the National Museum of Health and Medicine (NMHM) in northwest Washington, DC on June 29, 2002. Paul Sledzik, a forensic anthropologist and Curator of Anatomical Collections, led a lively discussion of skeletal anatomy, ably assisted by his daughter, Olivia. He presented a fascinating inside look at forensic investigative procedures, explaining what can be determined from analysis of skeletal remains. Participants were able to hold and examine a variety of bones and skeletal casts that showed the effects of pathology, such as rickets and osteosarcoma; trauma, such as gunshot wounds and fractures; and anatomical variants associated with sex, race, occupation, and other factors.

After the presentation, participants split into two groups for a brief guided tour of the human biology and Civil War medicine sections of the museum, then gathered outside for sandwiches and schmoozing.

AMWA MAC is grateful to the staff of NMHM for volunteering their time and expertise in helping us put together this outing.