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Mid-Atlantic Chapter — Webcast

PubMed vs. Medline Plus vs. Google

Payne webcast
Which to use and when to make your research and writing more efficient

On Friday, 11 June 2010, 21 chapter members gathered in virtual space for a Webinar presented by Susan L. Payne, Virtual Services Librarian in the Entrepreneurial Library Program at Johns Hopkins University. Susan updated a presentation she made earlier this year at a networking event hosted by our Baltimore chapter, "Finding Medical Information Online."

Susan began by noting that Google has indexed more than one trillion discrete Web addresses — enough to daunt even the most intrepid of biomedical writers. She provided an overview of the most popular search engines, PubMed, Medline Plus, and Google, and outlined helpful search techniques and handy ways to save and share the results of searches in PubMed.

Susan has generously posted her slides, and they are freely available at: http://elpblog.library.jhu.edu/2010/06/11/regional-amwa-talk/

Update: Susan has also made an audio version available for listening.

Because of the success of our first Webinar and in an effort to increase the chapter's service to its members, we invite suggestions about topics and speakers for future Webinars. Please send your suggestions to sschuber1@verizon.net.